At the Law Office of Charles Medina, we handle almost all types of immigration cases, often involving complex issues or facts. However, whether your case involves difficult issues or typical concerns, we work with the same exceptional dedication and personalized service to meet your goals. We always strive to find the best strategy for your case and design solutions that fit your unique needs. So whether you're planning to file an application or you have encountered problems in your application for relief, we're here to help you achieve your objectives. 

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Charles Medina is an experienced immigration lawyer whose law practice covers a wide area of U.S. immigration law, such as removal proceedings involving criminal convictions and immigration fraud, appeals and motions to reopen with the Board of Immigration Appeals, petitions for review with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, applications for waiver of inadmissibility, reinstatement of student visa status, reinstatement of revoked petitions, and visas for investors, aliens of extraordinary ability, skilled workers, battered spouses, or family members.

Mr. Medina has argued before the Ninth Circuit of Appeals and has appeared before Immigration Courts in different parts of the country. He has also written many articles that analyze various immigration issues and developments. 

Mr. Medina is a member of the New York, Washington State and the Philippine Bar. He is also admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. 

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